Man has the capacity to be cruel. Enlisted below are the most gruesome murders recorded from the past centuries.

The first involves the case of Lizzie Borden, a 33-year-old woman who killed her parents with an axe in 1893. However, after a brief trial, Lizzie was acquitted. Second is the case of most notorious murderer Edward Gein of America, who was known to have all his clothing and furniture made from the bodies of his human victims. The third is the Ted Bundy case, which involved the killings of 29 young women across United States within four years. In fourth place are the back-to-back murder cases of Tate and LaBianca. These crimes were done by one Charles Manson on August 8, 1969. After murdering his victims, Charles used their blood to write some annoying words. Fifth on the list happened in the late 1960s, when 11-year-old Flora Bell was convicted for murdering two other children, Martin Brown and Brian Howe. The sixth on this list is the Black Dahlia murder case in January 1947. The case involved killing 22-year-old Elizabeth Short, whose murdered body was cut in two. That case, until now, remains unsolved. The seventh involves the Boston Strangler, Albert DeSalvo. DeSalvo killed 13 women and raped over 300. The eighth most ghastly crime involves the Moor Murders in England. Victims were sexually abused and killed, then buried along Saddleworth Moor. The ninth involves Andrea Yates, who drowned her five kids in a bathtub after killing them. This occurred in 2001. The last murder case was done by Ray and Faye Copeland in the United States. The old couple had killed a total of 12 victims.


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